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Comprehensive credit

  features: for meet conditions of individual industrial and commercial households and the SMEs, in award letter term (most long not over one years) and the lines within, borrowing people can according to himself of funds needs situation, with with with take (with take with also), without each are handle cumbersome of loan approval procedures, elimination loan waiting for time, timely get funds, and can as to reduced related spending.
for customer groups: individual industrial and commercial households and small and medium enterprises in the region of Chengdu.
customer must satisfy conditions:
1. Term of operation of more than one year, with valid legal person qualification and relevant industry qualifications.
2. Good credit, bad credit enterprise and practical people.
3. Business premises fixed, operating normally, with no significant suspicious incidents.
4. Provides mortgage and collateral approved by the company or third party guarantees.

(above is for reference only, specific standards to Chengdu smooth loan company shall prevail. Before you go through relevant procedures, consult Chengdu fluent finance companies)

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