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Project loan

  *  concept
project loan is granted by the Bank to the borrower for the medium and long term foreign currency loans for fixed asset investment.

*  classification (1) in accordance with the classification of loan use:
project can be divided into capital projects loans and project loans. Infrastructure project loan refers to the approved capital projects of medium and long-term loans, including major, medium and large and small projects. Technological transformation projects loans are medium-and long-term loans for the approved project.
(2) divided by the borrower and loan sources:
loans corporate loans and project loans can be divided into projects. Project corporate loans refer to loans disbursed directly to construction projects, cash flows generated by the project corporate borrowing and project payments. General loan means a borrower came forward, to borrow from banks for a specific project, returned by the borrower is responsible for raising funds maturing loans. Characteristics of

(1) currency: Bank loan currencies, including the Renminbi, US dollar, euro, Japanese yen, Hong Kong dollars, pound sterling and other major convertible currencies.
(2) duration: project loan term is less than 3 years, maximum of 8 years. Above, shall be reported to the local people's bank records.
(3) interest rate: lending rate set by the people's Bank of China's interest rate policy and the interest rate floating range implementation.
settlement by settlement way I row and loan customer consultation. Short-term working capital loan settlement settlement on a quarterly or monthly, specific settlement methods determined by the loan negotiations.

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