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Other consumer loans

  1, define
granted by the Bank to the borrower for personal consumption, to mortgage as the main guarantee of the loan.
2, and products features
(1) uses widely--can meet purchase, and car, and education, and tourism, and marriage, and durable consumer, variety consumption needs;
(2) flexible diverse of repayment way--support matching principal method, and matching principal and interest method and the points stage repayment method, 7 species repayment way;
(3) convenient worry of loan Hou service--convenient of repayment, and loan reminded service, and loan change service,.
/> 3, loans with full capacity for civil conduct, legal and valid identity documents, good credit, have a stable source of income and repaying capacity of a natural person.
4, loans
(1) use for housing purchases, loan amount of up to 10 million Yuan;
(2) uses for the car loan amount up to 2 million Yuan;
(3) use for education, loans of up to 1 million Yuan.
(4) uses for other legal consumer, loans of up to 500,000 yuan.
5, duration of loans
(1) applications for the purchase of housing and education, and periods of as long as 10 years;
(2) and other legal consumer uses for car purchases, term up to 5 years.


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