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Corporate loans

corporate loans refers to the concept in China zheshang bank credit funds in mainland cities and towns to purchase various types of commercial legal entities loans available.
*  object
applies to industrial and commercial administration authorities according to the provisions of the annual inspection procedures approved and registered enterprises, approved by the competent authority of registration of enterprise legal persons and other organizations.

the term loan term of up to 5 years and no more than the purchase of a commercial building service life remaining.
*  basic requirements
(1) loan object must has corporate license or right to sector approved established of proved file, business management system sound, financial status good;
(2) loan object to has loan card, and in I line open State basic account or general account;
(3) has reimbursement loan principal and interest of capacity;
(4) has legal effective of purchase has for existing home of commercial with room of contract, and Agreement and loan line requirements provides of other proved file;
(5) has purchased commercial with room all price 40% above of raised funds, and guarantee for paid by purchased commercial with room of first payment;
(6) has loan line recognized of assets for mortgage or pledge, or (and) has enough compensatory capacity of corporate, and other economic organization as guarantor;
(7) loan line provides of other conditions.


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