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Corporate account overdraft

  corporate account overdraft means the Bank entered into an agreement with the customer, to provide outside the settlement account balances, within the limits of the approved overdrafts to make up for the lack of normal business activities in the interim financing facilities.
function and features
(1) customer once and I line signed set has agreement, can in provides of term within at any time occurred overdraft, and can at any time returned overdraft payments, from has borrowing and repayment of cumbersome procedures;
(2) can save enterprise of financial cost, convenient has enterprise of funds management;
(3) make up has Enterprise normal business activities in the of temporary paid insufficient.  
lines, and term, and interest rate, and meter card
(1) overdraft lines validity most long not over one years, since overdraft agreement entered into force of day up calculation, in validity within can cycle using;
(2) overdraft term is customer continuous overdraft, and not occurred settlement of time, General master in 10 days within, most long shall not over 3 months;
(3) overdraft interest rate General used people's Bank of China issued of 1 years period Yuan loan interest rate (containing floating) implementation;
(4) daily charge number account overdraft interest. The charge number to the day's highest overdraft balance calculation.
/> bid conditions (1) the basic conditions needed to meet our working capital loans;
(2), business, finance, good credit status;
(3) in principle belong to our priority support key customers.


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