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See accumulation Fund loan who is the headache

  while the Provident Fund loans for the average family can save a lot of money, but some real estate businessmen reluctant to fund loans. Unsecured loan company to you answering why developers don't like aspects of Provident Fund loans:
first, the Provident Fund loan auditing difficult, audit unit is the unit of State administration is too authoritative, developers do not want to deal with these people.
Second, the Provident Fund loans difficult to sign the contract, sign success spends a lot of money.
third, the Provident Fund loans lending time is too slow, the developers can't wait because the Bank loans money.
above is the developers don't like the Provident Fund loans for several reasons, reminder when we fund loans unsecured loan money, but not many commercial real estate loans. Even the developers refuse to fund loans are not allowed, but developers will not make you use of Provident Fund loans.


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