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Loans don't understand three issues

  in the development of China, many people buy a House like Provident Fund loans. Which is one way to lower mortgage loan interest rate, which is one reason why Fund loans are so popular. For the CPF does not understand some of the issues there are a lot of people, unsecured loans below to talk to one of the three main issues.
first of all, many people do not know how much money a family Fund loans loans for up to? Here to tell you, the State provides local residents each loan ceiling of 300,000 yuan, the couple who will loan 600,000 yuan, this is for the local population. So outsiders can use the Provident Fund loan? It is hard to say, field accounts locally using the Fund requirement had stayed for more than a year, and there is evidence of tax year or pay the full year's social-security, you can buy a House. To make full use of Provident Fund loans also have 6 months of provident funds can use the loan to buy a House. Last question is after both spouses apply for the Provident Fund loans. Minor children may apply for Provident Fund loan? This is possible, because the law requires everyone to loans. Children as long as civil capacity can go to apply for a loan.
these questions to help you better understand the Provident Fund loans, unsecured loan tips have a local account when you used the Provident Fund loans to pay Provident Fund and proof of more than 1 year.


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