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Exit risk banks can't afford to take a car loan car loan

  people have no money to pay the full amount to buy a car before think of bank loans, but with the development of economy auto update too fast, banks can no longer afford car mortgage risk slowly out of a car loan. Unsecured loans to everyone that says banks offer car loans for several reasons.
, auto update too fast, the car itself does not guarantee the value of banks considering a loan value of one break back before car is worth at the time.
II, a wide variety of financial institutions, the Bank can't keep up the pace.
third, the Bank can change the way to higher car loan is through credit cards.
these three points is the Bank car loans out several major causes of car loans, is being updated as the car too fast, the car's value has not guaranteed the banks chose to not opt out at so much risk, unsecured loans to think this is the main reason.


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