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Bank car loans and then a loan

  banks for fear of the car's value has changed so much in favor, basically do not take the vehicle mortgage bank loans. Then the Bank no longer car loans loan yet? Unsecured loans say that you think are wrong, facing such a sought-after car loans industry, banks will choose to quit? Think they feel does not, then came up with a very good Bank of which is credit card installment loans.
Bank uses this measure is obviously to prevent the car's value is too large to influence banks ' reserves of a roundabout. Through analysis of the market, to understand consumer use of credit cards in, through the encouragement of consumers to use credit cards to achieve the Bank's edge in auto loans. Advantages of credit card installment is mainly reflected in the car, when repayment easier to credit cards and car loans could also benefit from the Bank to a series of preferential policies. Can say that banks in terms of credit card loans were premeditated.
Bank is a revocation of the traditional car loans step by step, step by step, make traditional loans to credit card loans. Remind you of unsecured loans in credit card loans to calm, to see if this is suited to their loans.

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